Some Truth

Mon Oct 21, 2013 1:53 pm by Strype McClaine

I'll keep this short and breif.
After quitting ddo to travel and work, and not playing for many months.
I doubt I will be returning.
I love you all, but I feel like my course is complete with ddo.

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neverwinter online

Thu May 09, 2013 5:17 pm by Erorgot

its erorgot here and just letting those know that i am beginning to play neverwinter online. its currently in beta but i will be building a guild with our namesake. so if anybody is planning on …

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Erorgots back

Thu Nov 15, 2012 10:12 pm by Erorgot

hello everybody Erorgot is back Smile i know most of you dont remember me but i used to run with this guild a long time ago. I recently came back to the game and am looking for a home so pst in game …

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Cleric PrE's! FINELY! (also requests)

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Cleric PrE's! FINELY! (also requests)

Post  Strype McClaine on Mon Apr 26, 2010 1:10 pm

Cleric Radiant Servant I
Prereqs: Level 6 Cleric, Cleric Improved Turning I, Cleric Life Magic II, Cleric Help II, Empower Healing, and any one of: Cleric Divine Cleansing I, Cleric Divine Light I, Cleric Divine Healing I, Cleric Divine Vitality I, or Cleric Divine Might I.
Benefit: You are a beacon of Light against Evil. You count as 1 Level higher when channeling Positive Energy or Light based spells and gain the ability to expend a turn attempt to create an aura of Divine energy that Helps you and nearby Allies over time and damages nearby Undead. Any Undead that you successfully hunt with your turn ability are destroyed instead of frightened, and your turns regenerate over time (1 every 2 minutes).

Positive Energy Aura
Benefit: You may expend a use of turn to produce a Positive Energy Aura effect on yourself, which envelops the caster in an aura of Healing, Positive energy. Allies within the aura are healed 1 hit point per 3 caster Levels as long as they remain within it. Undead enemies are damaged for the same amount.

Cleric Radiant Servant II
Prereqs: Level 12 Cleric, Cleric Radiant Servant I, Cleric Prayer of Life I, Cleric Prayer of Incredible Life I, and any one of: Silver Flame Exorcism, Unyielding Sovereignty, Undying Call, Bladesworn Transformation, Vulkoor’s Avatar, or Cleric Charisma II.
Benefit: You are a beacon of Light against Evil. The Empowered Healing metamagic now grants you a 75% bonus to Healing spells instead of 50%. You count as an additional 1 Level higher when channeling Positive Energy or Light based spells, and gain the ability to expend a turn attempt to create a burst of Positive energy that heals you and nearby Allies, removes some negative Levels and ability damage, and damages nearby Undead.

Positive Energy Burst
Benefit: Positive energy expands from the caster, Healing 1 to 8 plus 1 per caster Level to all nearby Allies, as well as removing 1 to 4 negative Levels and 1 to 6 points of ability damage. Undead are instead damaged by the energy, taking 1 to 8 points of damage per caster Level. A successful Will save reduces the damage by a half.

Undead that are turned by Turn Undead no longer run. Instead, they stand in the same place

OK NOW that this noise is out of the way, a simple request, as you level up your charicters, please make sure as they get to 10, make sure they get both VON keyed (by 10) and titan keyed (by 12).

I would like to start putting together Lower level titan raids, since the opening quest is moderately strong xp, and the final part of the raid is verry much not level dependent.
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