Some Truth

Mon Oct 21, 2013 1:53 pm by Strype McClaine

I'll keep this short and breif.
After quitting ddo to travel and work, and not playing for many months.
I doubt I will be returning.
I love you all, but I feel like my course is complete with ddo.

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neverwinter online

Thu May 09, 2013 5:17 pm by Erorgot

its erorgot here and just letting those know that i am beginning to play neverwinter online. its currently in beta but i will be building a guild with our namesake. so if anybody is planning on …

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Erorgots back

Thu Nov 15, 2012 10:12 pm by Erorgot

hello everybody Erorgot is back Smile i know most of you dont remember me but i used to run with this guild a long time ago. I recently came back to the game and am looking for a home so pst in game …

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Guild Activity and Stuff

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Guild Activity and Stuff Empty Guild Activity and Stuff

Post  Morrek on Fri Dec 02, 2011 11:43 am

Currently we are in a bit of a lull on Guild activity.

I think the holidays affect this some. I also know from personal experience that jobs can get more hectic between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

This has happened before in the 5 years I've been in this Guild. Each time it has happened we have come back strong.

For those still on let's keep an eye out for new members and if we get some let's make them welcome. I currently have one potential new member I plan on setting up some runs with.

I think the last couple of updates haven't been that good for DDO. I hope that the Dev's spend a little more time debugging and a little less time creating more grind. I personally have not yet developed a like for the challenges. Jackron has been good about trying to run these and it's something I definitely want to try and get into since some of the items are really nice.

A couple of other things:

1. The Golden Horde guys have been a great addition to the Guild. I am enjoying running will all you guys.

2. Storm Shadow and Royal Bloodline are setting up an Alliance chat channel. Many of you have probably run with Mellon. Royal Bloodline is a good bunch who make up a guild similar to us in a lot of ways. This channel should provide us more opportunities to fill raids. I will post details on how to join this channel this weekend. This will be a private channel for the two guilds only. It is by no means required, but should be a help in getting groups together.

I am open to all suggestions for improving activity.

Happy Holidays,

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Guild Activity and Stuff Empty Re: Guild Activity and Stuff

Post  Franzonator on Sat Dec 03, 2011 9:16 am

I agree, I have been taking a little break and with new games coming out I have been playing them, Zelda Skyward Sword is a family must for me. I have played every zelda game for the family since I can remember. I have also been playing Skyrim on the PS3, great game. I will be on a little more since th itch is coming back.
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Guild Activity and Stuff Empty Re: Guild Activity and Stuff

Post  Strype McClaine on Sun Dec 04, 2011 5:14 pm

Funny thing is.
I play MORE duirring christmass and summer months. When the rest of the guild goes into a lul.

Course...skyward sword...but I'll devour that in a week.
Strype McClaine
Strype McClaine
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Guild Activity and Stuff Empty Re: Guild Activity and Stuff

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